Monday, June 25, 2012

We had the best time at Art Retreat by the Beach this past weekend! The best students...Fabulous instructors...Beautiful projects...Fantastic location...And, the weather ~ oh-was-it-beautiful!!! Thanks to all of the students and instructors who worked their hearts out to make it a success!

<click here to see more photos of the retreat>

Announcing ~ Registration is soon opening for 

June 21- June 23, 2013
Coronado, CA

In friendship and with a grateful heart,


  1. Oh, man, I won't be able to make it next year either :( Whah . . . . every year my husband participates in an Eggs By The Bay fest and it's always this weekend (the next to last weekend of the month) . . . . .

    1. Hi! Darn it all! Is it just in the month of June? I am also scheduling a retreat in the desert in late-January/early-February….I don't have all of the specifics yet, but I am looking at doing something a little bigger and longer ~ holding the retreat in Tucson and combining it with a field trip to the Tucson Bead and Gem Show. For those who would like to join in, I'll reserve a van to drive us to some of the venues that I like the most, take us somewhere for lunch and then bring us back to our hotel at the end of the day. Have you ever been to Tucson for this show? It's fabulous! There is everything you could ever imagine or want there! Beads of all shapes and sizes - handmade (lampwork, etc.) - Czech glass - precious and semi-precious stones - expensive or affordable. Tools - Wire - Charms - You name it, it's there! I thought that, with class supplies lists in hand, we could find all of the items that we will need to complete our projects there at the shows! Maybe you can join us there!

      I'll let you know when I open registration for that event ~ I hope you can join us there!

      My best,