Friday, June 15, 2012

Gentle Healer and me!
These past few weeks have been spent with my family on a Disney Alaskan cruise, celebrating 37 years of marriage to the Gentle Healer! We flew to Seattle, spent some time kicking around there for a while and then boarded the Disney Wonder for a week of spectacular scenery, good food, card games in our stateroom each night and BINGO each afternoon! Yessirree ~ we know how to party it up like the best of them!!!

Erin, Jose and Vivi
We chose Disney Cruises because they would allow a one-year old to sail with them on their ship. As it turned out, it was a great decision ~ There were so many kids and because of that, there were so many activities for them. Of course, there were all the characters who made their appearances each day! That was fun for kids and adults alike!

Gentle Healer, Jr. and Sara
We chose the date because that was when Casey had vacation from his residency. He’s following in his dad’s footsteps and is becoming an Emergency Room doctor. He and his wife, Sara, are patiently waiting until they can begin their own family. In the meantime, they love playing with niece Vivi Magoo ~ 
Vivi Magoo ~ the photo says it all, doesn’t it?!?

She is such a doll ~ such a little cuddly love bug! And, she learned to walk while on the ship! Look out now, mommy and daddy! She’ll keep you running after her forevermore!
Now, it’s back to reality and Vivi Magoo Presents...Art Retreat by the Beach next week! Yippee! I have fabulous artist/instructors lined up to teach, and I can’t wait to greet the students ~ many of them for the first time! Why don’t you hop on over to Art Retreat by the Beach and read all about the fun schedule of activities planned for the group! And, if you’re interested, we have a few spots left open in some of the classes! It’s not too late to register! You can be there with us enjoying all of the fun!

Until later ~


  1. What a wonderful family vacation! My sister and BIL took their family on an Alaskan Cruise on their 50 year anniversary.

    Oh, how I WISH I could attend the beach retreat but hubby has something booked for that weekend but I will keep a look out for future beach retreats!! I just love Joanna's and Diane's art . . .


  2. We had a great time with the family! The best way to celebrate a special event like our anniversary! We are family-centered and do everything together! I lovingly call us the modern-day Walton family ;o}

    I so wish you could have joined us this coming week at the retreat! Pretty special ladies teaching! I love them and their creativity! We’ll do it again soon! You can join the fun next time!

    My best to you! Looking forward to meeting you one day soon!