Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Getting ready to open registration for Art Retreat at The Prairie - Fall 2015 in a few hours. The website will go live at 5:00 PM Arizona time.
Here's what I found with the new website - I love it. You'll love it. Especially if you want to add or change a class in the future. You will be able to. To your heart's content. Really. For once, changing our minds about something won't hurt.

1) You have to pay your registration fee first and create your login information. After that, you can then go back and select classes to purchase. Two steps. Cannot be combined. Don't try it. I did, and it didn't work. Two steps.
2) When you've completed your login and paid your registration fee, look for the tab that says, "Class Schedule" in the upper left corner of the registration site. Click on it, and you'll be taken to the page where you can select your date range. Don't try to click on "The Prairie." You'll be taken off-site to our website. You don't want to be there right now. You'll want to go play there later. You want to stay on the registration website during registration. Trust me.

3) once there, click on "date range" (it's set to default to week, but you don't want that) and click open the calendar to the right of the date range. You can tab to November from there. Remember you're looking for the date range November 3rd through November 11th. 
date range
4) when you see the November calendar, click on November 3 and then on November 11th. That will open up the date range for our retreat. You need a beginning date and an ending date. I tried only clicking on the beginning date and got nowhere. Trust me again. 

5) Down at the bottom of the page, you'll see where you can show 100 rows per page. Do it! Really! Just do it! Everyone's classes will be visible at that point, and you can have fun selecting everything you want.
rows per page

ErinSara and I are available all night long to help you with registration.

Well, we may want to sleep a little.
At some point.

Just give us a holler, and we'll come help you.

Barb, Erin and Sara