Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Jewelry Box Reimagined

Isn't this one beautiful?
As a little girl, I kept all of my prized possessions in a classic jewelry box. You know, the one with the dainty ballerina in a pale-pink tutu who gracefully twirls around to the theme from the Love Story movie (or something similar). My faux pearl necklace and Tinkerbell pink nail polish were a few of the trinkets I stored here. Now, I have very few pieces of jewelry that could fit into that small beautiful box. That's only because so much of it is chunky, over-sized, and long.

So, how does one store and display these stunning pieces of jewelry art?

VMP's founder Barb does an amazing job of storing and displaying her jewelry, and it's convenient to access too! She styles her cuffs in a vintage silver tray positioned on her vanity (I'm sure she found this tray antiquing or at an estate sale - no doubt there's a story behind it. There always is with her designs). Barb's necklaces drape over her bathroom light fixtures and vanity mirror as if they are three ladies who know how to rock an entire collection of statement pieces at once.

Barb's daughter and VMP's right-hand-woman, Erin, has made her jewelry storage something into what you might even consider sculptures. She genius-ly showcases her necklaces on pillar candlestick holders! Um, how creative is that?! She collects all of her trinkets and baubles in vintage dishes and bowls together on a tray. These vignettes are in her bedroom and really show off her style and personality - a perfect combination of vintage and trendy chic.

I keep my go-to pieces in a sleek, gold-leafed and white lacquered tray in my closet. I have two little chandeliers dangling in my closet, so this set up makes me feel like I'm in a store selecting the perfect accessory to wear with each outfit. I think I'm much more fashionable in my head than I probably am in real life, but it's all about self-confidence, right?!

We'd love to hear how you display and keep your pieces of jewelry, leave us a comment to share. AND once you attend the upcoming November 4-9, 2014 Art Retreat at the Prairie, you'll have more pieces to add to your art collections!

Love from VMP,

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ring Ring, Hello?

Most conversations with my 15-month-daughter include this line as she pretends to talk on her sippy cup (aka phone).

So, hello Vivi Magoo friends!

I am so excited to start sharing in this world of retreats with you all. My journey will begin here online blogging for VMP to connect, inform, and share. My name is Sara, and I am Barb and Erin’s daughter-in-law/sister-in-law, respectively. Barb and Erin have so enjoyed the time they have spent with each one of you at the Prairie, Beach, and Desert. I may have met some of you in Tucson at the Art Retreat in the Desert, as that is where I’ve been living with my husband, Casey, and our 15-month-old daughter, Grace.
Sara, Grace, and Casey
[Sigh] She’s growing up so fast.

Cowgirl Boot Sugar Cookie
Red Velvet Jar Cupcake
During the last Art Retreat in the Desert, I bounced in and out of the Hilton Tucson East dropping off all of those [hopefully delicious] sweet treats. Baking - that’s one of my hobbies. You could say I have a sweet tooth, and that is probably an understatement.  I will squeeze in some recipes posts along the way. Do you have any to share? 

This summer, our little family has moved back to the Phoenix area where Barb, Erin, and their families live. We are so glad to be spending more time with our extended family and now the VMP family too.

This week, I’ll be blogging about all things jewelry from meaningful inspiration to “How in the world do you store/display all of your jewelry at home?” Do you have any questions about jewelry? Post a comment to let me know, and we’ll cover that too. In the meantime, get your VMP fix by checking out Barb’s Pinterest to see the newest November 2014 Art Retreat at the Prairie class project photos and Barb's FacebookVMP Facebook, or VMP Twitter for more info.

Love from VMP,

Have you signed up and reserved a room for the upcoming Art Retreat at the Prairie November 4-9, 2014? If not, visit the registration pages to get signed up today! I look forward to seeing you there :)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

it's a smile, it's a kiss, it's a sip of wine ... 

it's summertime!
Ahhhh....Summer....We wait all year for it to arrive. 
Memories of school days and counting down the days until summer vacation.
Remember that feeling?
That wonderful feeling of freedom?
What did you like most about summer when you were a child?
The beach?
Lazy days spent reading?
Family vacations to your Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house?
Or just playing with your neighborhood friends from morning ‘til dark?
It’s here again! 
What’s on your summer bucket list?