Monday, June 25, 2012

We had the best time at Art Retreat by the Beach this past weekend! The best students...Fabulous instructors...Beautiful projects...Fantastic location...And, the weather ~ oh-was-it-beautiful!!! Thanks to all of the students and instructors who worked their hearts out to make it a success!

<click here to see more photos of the retreat>

Announcing ~ Registration is soon opening for 

June 21- June 23, 2013
Coronado, CA

In friendship and with a grateful heart,

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Art Retreat by the Beach - Coronado, CA
We're having so much fun in Coronado at Art Retreat by the Beach this weekend! JoAnnA Pierotti and Diane Cook are teaching such fun classes, and all the students are thrilled with the projects they are creating!

Here are a few photos of the first day of classes -

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

summer vacationers on the beach in Coronado!

beautiful Coronado beach!
Isn’t it grand to be by the sea?!?
Lots of beach bunnies in Coronado!
blue skies and warm, sandy beaches in Coronado!
Hello friends ....
I am beginning to feel so excited, as it is just one more day before I will be by the beach, getting ready to meet you! We have begun to have temps in the middle to upper 90s here in my part of Texas, so the temperatures in Coronado look simply divine!
I have packed up many goodies, and looks like my supplies (along with class kits) have made it safely to Barb, who is already in Coronado, waiting for your arrival!
If there is anything you might need, please let me know...I still have time to tuck it inside my bags...
See you soon~

Sunday, June 17, 2012

looking forward to Coronado

Time has really been flying faster than a speeding bullet for me...
as in just 4 short days I will have already landed in
Coronado, California,
getting ready to teach three days of some of my favorite classes.
I have already packed up and shipped two boxes of supplies,
sending them off with many prayers that they'll land there safely on Tuesday!
I have enjoyed much family time this past week, but have also been happily enjoying my 
first of two summer online classes which began on June 6th.  The one that's going on now, 
Heart Strings, is the one I'll be teaching on Sunday (in person),
at Art Retreat by the Beach.
This past week I designed a Heart Strings I'll be wearing this next weekend,
called "My Grandmothers".
Another thankful nod to two ladies that gave birth to my parents, 
and taught me more than they probably ever realized.
After sharing these beauties in my previous post, I knew I had to use at least one of the three rhinestone watch bezels, so indeed I did...
in my newest Heart Strings.
Oh, now this was some fun...using that wonderful picture of my grandparents as a very young couple which I shared with you, seems like eons ago.
I also decided to use a resin bezel I had of my other grandmother, Rosa,
thus giving me the name for my piece.
I used some other great vintage pieces in this necklace,
an old tiny diary key, a vintage rosary, another vintage crucifix & religious metal, a sprinkle of vintage rhinestone buttons, a heart taken from some retro earrings, some of my favorite rhinestone connectors, oxidized rhinestone crystal rondells, and some gorgeous faceted Peruvian Opals.
I really am in love with the box chain I used in this Heart Strings...wish I had more.
But, I'm sure you know how that goes.
And, of course, I added some wonderful vintage lace, trim, tulle and some of my 
current favorite colors of recycled sari silk.  Yum.
 Oh yes, and one of my Tiny Etched Books,
which is currently shown in the latest issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry~
along with step-out photos!
The picture above it just part of the class kit.
These are all fun elements we will be working on in Coronado,
in just one short week, as this class in on Sunday.
BTW...I'd like to show you a beautiful piece that one of my students posted online in our Artful Gathering Photo gallery.
This Heart Strings was made by Mary Royals.
What a great job Mary!
 Hope I'll see you in Coronado!  
Very soon...diane xo

Friday, June 15, 2012

Gentle Healer and me!
These past few weeks have been spent with my family on a Disney Alaskan cruise, celebrating 37 years of marriage to the Gentle Healer! We flew to Seattle, spent some time kicking around there for a while and then boarded the Disney Wonder for a week of spectacular scenery, good food, card games in our stateroom each night and BINGO each afternoon! Yessirree ~ we know how to party it up like the best of them!!!

Erin, Jose and Vivi
We chose Disney Cruises because they would allow a one-year old to sail with them on their ship. As it turned out, it was a great decision ~ There were so many kids and because of that, there were so many activities for them. Of course, there were all the characters who made their appearances each day! That was fun for kids and adults alike!

Gentle Healer, Jr. and Sara
We chose the date because that was when Casey had vacation from his residency. He’s following in his dad’s footsteps and is becoming an Emergency Room doctor. He and his wife, Sara, are patiently waiting until they can begin their own family. In the meantime, they love playing with niece Vivi Magoo ~ 
Vivi Magoo ~ the photo says it all, doesn’t it?!?

She is such a doll ~ such a little cuddly love bug! And, she learned to walk while on the ship! Look out now, mommy and daddy! She’ll keep you running after her forevermore!
Now, it’s back to reality and Vivi Magoo Presents...Art Retreat by the Beach next week! Yippee! I have fabulous artist/instructors lined up to teach, and I can’t wait to greet the students ~ many of them for the first time! Why don’t you hop on over to Art Retreat by the Beach and read all about the fun schedule of activities planned for the group! And, if you’re interested, we have a few spots left open in some of the classes! It’s not too late to register! You can be there with us enjoying all of the fun!

Until later ~

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Much of my inspiration is not premeditated, 
(I suppose inspiration always most often comes that way)
so when IT happens I still get all tingly inside & out.
Right now I am joyfully involved in my first ever online class that began 
last Wednesday at Artful Gathering.
But with all that to keep me busy, yesterday I began to focus on my little trip to California, which is coming up quicker than I can imagine.
In a little less than 2 weeks, I will be teaching  three classes at 
One of which, is Heart Strings.
 So, as I feed my students at AG tidbits of inspiration,
maybe with the latest stash of recycled sari silk that's arrived in the mail...
  I magically find some myself.  What a bonus....
  I had no idea when I found these gorgeous vintage rhinestone watch bezels in an Etsy dealer's shop, that I might be using them in my next Heart Strings piece.
All three of them are more than gorgeous to me, and so very missing a rhinestone baguette, and its crystal.
But, then I remembered a watch I've had tucked away since my step-mother's passing quite a few years ago.
It was the watch she always wore.  A lovely Bulova, with a sprinkle of tiny diamonds on each side of the face.
 It has been safely tucked away with many other pieces of vintage jewelry I have bought.
This one is more important to me though, as it was Jewel's.
Just this last January, I had a small group of ladies come to my house to design their very own Heart Strings.
One, which has become a wonderful new friend, Bridget, used watch bezels in her Heart Strings, along with a vintage ID bracelet.  The watch bezel was from her father's watch.
I blogged about the class here, and then just a week (or so) later we got together and she had her finished necklace along to show me.
It really touched my heart.
I do hope to see some of you (in person) in just a couple of weeks in Coronado.
The venue is gorgeous, and no doubt, Barb will have goodies for everyone.
The classes are small.
I have begun to love small classes.  
So much more intimate, 
and so much more time for talking and spending time with you....
See you Coronado, I hope! 

Friday, June 8, 2012

I’m so excited to announce my latest news! I have two new retreats open and am taking registrations for each of them! You’ll love the variety of classes each of these wonderfully talented artist/instructors are teaching! I can’t wait to see you at The Prairie!

September 6th through September 8th
featuring Annie Lockhart, Lisa Monroe and Stephanie Rubiano 
Annie and Stephanie are mixed-media artists ~ you’ve no-doubt heard of them! They are delightful ladies and fabulous instructors! You’ll love every minute of every class you take with them! Lisa Monroe is a jewelry designer and artist. She is such a talented and sweet lady! What she does with PMC will make you smile and want to learn her tips and techniques! Click here to read more about each artist. Click here to read the class descriptions for each class. Ready to sign up for classes? Click here to register!

October 26th through October 28th
with returning artists, Diane Cook and Deryn Mentock
We had such fun playing together in April, we decided to do it again in October! Diane and Deryn will be back with new jewelry classes ~ If you like stamping, etching, soldering, wire-wrapping and cold-connections, you will LOVE these classes! Click here to read more about Diane and Deryn. Click here to learn more about the classes they will be teaching in October. Click here to register for this retreat!