Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We are getting really excited about our upcoming retreat next month! Erin, Sara and I are working hard to put the finishing touches on everything. We’re going to begin emailing you a lot with updates and information that will help make your stay with us easier and less-stressful (we hope!)

First of all, I’d like to let you know how Erin, Sara and I all fit together. Erin is my daughter – married to Jose – mother to Vivi (age 3-1/2) and Weston (age 9-months). Sara is my daughter-in-law – married to our son, Casey – mother to Grace (age 18-months). We are a family-run business – Erin is our “mistress of the spreadsheet” and takes care of the financial end of our business. She keeps me on track with dollars and sense (not a typo – she really does make sense out of me!). Sara is our social media expert and is responsible for that as well as advertising, marketing, etc. She is also a fabulous baker! You’ll be treated to many delicious sweet treats created by her during our retreat. Me - I dream up the retreats – from instructors to class projects, food to guest vendors, and any-and-all-things-in-between. My forte is neither spreadsheets nor sweet treats! I’m the visionary – the one who always tries to reivent the wheel. The girls help keep me grounded with my feet firmly planted on terra firma (at least they try!).

We will all be at the retreat, along with Jose, Vivi, Grace and my husband, Mark – working hard to make sure you have a wonderful experience. Mark and Jose will be around all week, mainly watching the kiddoes, and they are also kind enough to run our errands for us during the retreat so we don't have to leave The Prairie for any reason. If you need anything, just hunt one of us down, and we will help you out.

We’re working on compiling daily schedules for each of you. They serve as a way for us to confirm where you’ll be on what day. We should have those out to you by email by next week.

You can still purchase lunches and/or dinners <here> if you would like to sign up and haven't done so yet. I’m including the menu for the week in this email. The food is wonderful – catered by area restaurants. We’ve never had a student who complained that they weren’t fed enough or served tasty food!

Many nights, we will travel to local restaurants that we think are delicious and fun places to spend a few hours of your evening. Everyone wants a change-of-scenery once in a while, and we try to give everyone a chance to take a break from their classrooms. While we are out and about in town, we have also arranged for stops at some fun shops. I’m sure you’ve heard of Junk Gypsies. Two sisters who have a fun business and television show related to fashion and home decorating. You can read about them <here>. They will be our stop on Thursday after dinner. If you are coming into town on Thursday to begin your classes on Friday, why don’t you come out for dinner with us and stop at Junk Gypsy store afterwards. It will be a casual and fun way to meet up with other students and your instructors. A great opportunity to break-the-ice and begin to feel at home with us. Stop by The Prairie, drop your supplies, check into your rooms, and join us for dinner and browsing. You’ll be glad you did!

Well, that’s enough for one newsletter! I’ll let you digest all of this a bit, and I’ll send you another update in a day or two. If you have any questions, email me at

Prairie blessings,
Barb, Erin and Sara

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