Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Creating Ulterior Motive Memories

My husband, daughter, and I just moved into our house, so recently I’ve been looking for inspiration to guide our home design. I pine over the perfectly designed rooms in home magazines. I endlessly scroll through Pinterest and Houzz searches, and sometimes I am still left a little inspiration-less. What I always have to remember is that the best kind of inspiration comes from myself and my memories. I will always have the memory of Grace spilling milk all over my new Elle Décor while she giggled and proceeded to tear up the soggy pages. This gives me inspiration to welcome the unexpected (and not cry over spilt milk). We then went out window-shopping, and Grace insisted on wearing one of my chunky bib-style necklaces.  She’s following in her Grandma Barb’s accessory footsteps already! When I remember these things, it makes me feel something.  THIS is something to be inspired by.
VMP Friends - left to right
Lisa Monroe, Erin, Deryn Mentock, Diane Cook, Barb and Marie
Making memories while you’re creating [fill in the blank] seems to make the process and the outcome that much more meaningful. That is exactly what I’ve seen happen through Vivi Magoo Presents... retreats. The opportunity for VMP friends to come together and connect while being inspired by each other, the instructors and the venue offers a deep experience. The bonds forged on the journey to creating a piece of art are sure be the thing that inspires you and makes your masterpiece increase in value ten fold. Hope you’ll be joining us in the fall to be inspired, make memories, and create beautiful jewelry and art.

Art Retreat at the Prarie Nov. 2014
Love from VMP,

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  1. Sara - You're making memories with your family today that will last a lifetime. Even times that don't seem significant now will become cherished memories down the road. There is nothing more important than time spent with family and friends - Memories of and with each!