Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ring Ring, Hello?

Most conversations with my 15-month-daughter include this line as she pretends to talk on her sippy cup (aka phone).

So, hello Vivi Magoo friends!

I am so excited to start sharing in this world of retreats with you all. My journey will begin here online blogging for VMP to connect, inform, and share. My name is Sara, and I am Barb and Erin’s daughter-in-law/sister-in-law, respectively. Barb and Erin have so enjoyed the time they have spent with each one of you at the Prairie, Beach, and Desert. I may have met some of you in Tucson at the Art Retreat in the Desert, as that is where I’ve been living with my husband, Casey, and our 15-month-old daughter, Grace.
Sara, Grace, and Casey
[Sigh] She’s growing up so fast.

Cowgirl Boot Sugar Cookie
Red Velvet Jar Cupcake
During the last Art Retreat in the Desert, I bounced in and out of the Hilton Tucson East dropping off all of those [hopefully delicious] sweet treats. Baking - that’s one of my hobbies. You could say I have a sweet tooth, and that is probably an understatement.  I will squeeze in some recipes posts along the way. Do you have any to share? 

This summer, our little family has moved back to the Phoenix area where Barb, Erin, and their families live. We are so glad to be spending more time with our extended family and now the VMP family too.

This week, I’ll be blogging about all things jewelry from meaningful inspiration to “How in the world do you store/display all of your jewelry at home?” Do you have any questions about jewelry? Post a comment to let me know, and we’ll cover that too. In the meantime, get your VMP fix by checking out Barb’s Pinterest to see the newest November 2014 Art Retreat at the Prairie class project photos and Barb's FacebookVMP Facebook, or VMP Twitter for more info.

Love from VMP,

Have you signed up and reserved a room for the upcoming Art Retreat at the Prairie November 4-9, 2014? If not, visit the registration pages to get signed up today! I look forward to seeing you there :)

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