Saturday, June 15, 2013

We had so much fun last month when we all gathered in Coronado, California for 
Art Retreat by the Beach!

Riki and Diane

Diane Cook, Riki Schumacher and JoAnnA Pierotti were the guest instructors. Their students loved the projects they made and the tips and techniques they learned all weekend long!

Students came from far-and-wide to take classes. Besides a lot of California girls, this retreat welcomed Sally from Georgia and Jeana from Montana! 
Art Retreat by the Beach 2013

JoAnnA's Faerie Doll
Riki's Fundamentals classes

Classes were fabulous! Diane, Riki and JoAnnA taught awesome projects, and everyone learned lots of new techniques and tips!

Diane's By the Sea class

Student projects turned out so well! We were impressed with them all!

We went out shopping and to dinner one night. The Attic, a sweet antiques shoppe on Coronado Island welcomed us with a fun and tasty Fiesta Happy Hour! We shopped 'til we dropped and then went next door to eat dinner at a delicious Mexican restaurant ~ Costa Azul! Thanks, Brandt ~ your restaurant is super, and the food was delicious!
Erin and I ran a "friendly competition" for name badges. The rules were simple and uncomplicated. Anyone who wished to participate were instructed to create a name badge that stated their name, where they were from and demonstrated a little about "who they were." Here are some of the entries ~ Aren't they beautiful???
First Place
Second Place
Third Place

And, here are the prizes for first, second and third place ~

We enjoyed lunch each day ~ brought in by us to save time for the students. They could eat, chat with fellow students a little, and head back into their classrooms and get right back to work! Erin and I designed menus that were healthy and delicious. 

And Happy Hours each night in the Library at Glorietta Bay Inn were designed to include enough rest and relaxation time for the students and instructors for unwinding at the end of the day. 
Here are some more photos that show the fun we had!

Thanks to all of our students for supporting Vivi Magoo Presents! We couldn't do what we do without you! We hope you enjoyed yourselves and will plan to return to our next event! 

Barb and Erin

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  1. Wow.. Looks like you guys had a great time.

    1. It was tons of fun! You should consider joining us one of these days!

  2. The retreat was so much fun Barb, thanks to you and Erin, and of course, all those wonderful students. I had a blast, and laughed until I cried in my workshops. A fun time was had by all! Thanks again for your incredible time and effort. I look forward to seeing everyone in Tucson in February! xox Riki