Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Art Retreat at The Prairie
Fall 2012

my fabulous team!
L to R
Lisa Monroe, Erin Solem Leon (Vivi's mom!), Deryn Mentock, Diane Cook, me, and Marie Gray (the Prairie Innkeeper)
Erin, Diane and me
anticipating classes on Friday!
The dust has settled on The Prairie – Students and instructors have returned home after a fantastic weekend. Art Retreat at The Prairie – Fall 2012 was a huge success, judging from the happy faces and sad good-byes on Sunday. Thirty-five creative women came together, most not knowing anyone else at the retreat, but all ready to forge new friendships as they learned tips and techniques for creating the most beautiful jewelry and mixed-media art projects taught by the most talented of designer/instructors.
Bodacious Butterfly Beauties!
Ladies came laden with all
of their supplies to create
beautiful jewelry!
Connie and me
she has the BEST Tennessee accent!
Cute as a button too!
We gathered together to create and learn, eat and drink, talk and listen. You could hear the conversations amidst the banging and hammering. “Where are you from?” I’ve come all the way from California to take Diane’s classes.” “This is my first class ever, and I’m a little afraid!” “Girl, your bangles are the best! You are the eyelet queen!”
students hard at work
and having fun!
Big Danny and Little Me!
We were wined and dined by local caterers, restaurateurs, and, of course, our special and favorite Prairie icon – Big Danny! I kid-you-not – that man can do it all! He will don a frilly Rachel Ashwell apron in the morning and fix the best country breakfast you’ll ever eat, raise a barn in the afternoon, and host a fried chicken dinner in the evening – all the while keeping a big welcoming and sincere smile on his handsome face! We all need a Danny in our lives!

Diane, Deryn, Lisa and Stephanie were the bestest instructors! They pushed and pulled every student to reach their highest and best. They pulled out all the stops and gave the ladies all of their undivided attention. The result was perfection – perfect new skills, perfect projects and perfectly satisfied and content students.
Diane (right)
with friend and student Sylvia
Deryn (right)
with friend and student, Ronnie

Stephanie Rubiano's beauties
Ronnie, Maria and Gayle
all winners of the giveaways
on Saturday night!
The weather cooperated with us, too. Although hot and steamy a day before the retreat, Friday dawned cloudy and cool with a wind that kept the heat away and fall in the air. Each day was better than the previous – Sunday was absolutely delightful! No one complained about the heat – everyone was thankful for the presence of fall in all her glory.
Our favorite crooner,
Frankie, delighted us all
with her joviality!

Art Retreat at The Prairie – Fall 2012 is a delightfully sweet memory in our minds now. We look forward to the spring, when we can reunite and share our lives again with each other. Plan to join us at Art Retreat at The Prairie – Spring 2013. You’ll love the students. You’ll love the instructors. You’ll love the projects. You’ll love The Prairie. You’ll love the time you took to connect with these special ladies in this special spot.

 Join us at all of our retreats next year!

Vivi Magoo!!!


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